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Rod RaybornTue Jun-28-05 12:44 PM

"Carb help"



I am so frustrated...I had my MKIII running like a new one...for about 200 miles...Now it idles perfect....runs like crap! ....As long as I keep the throttle runs fine...everytime I open the throttle a little... it bogs down...a spit back thru the carb...a surge or 2...and it settles down. If I add choke at anytime it gets worse...I pulled the plugs and the timing side is running very rich....checked for jet holder problem...I tried using my homemade meter to balance the carbs thru the crossover tube at the top of the carbs to see if there was any difference...ALOT of difference... it will suck the ATF into the TS carb pretty quick (on the TS)... I used a color tune plug (even though it just for idle settings) on a quick run around the block and the TS is running rich... If I had an air leak around the manifold...wouldn't it run lean? How could something run so good for 200 miles and then run like crap after only sitting for 4 days...No changes were made in the 4 days... I am about to wear out the gas tank mounting hardware putting it on and off...Someone point me in the right direction before I find that lighter...At least I will know what is wrong! Rod


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dynodaveTue Jun-28-05 06:32 PM
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#1. "RE: Carb help"
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A change in performance is often clogging in the passages, yet a general imbalance in richness could be float level differences. Is your timing equal side to side? compression equal? We just spent sunday night and monday night debugging some ones installed by a re$torer. It never did ran right .... But it's pretty good now.


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