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WindjammerThu Jun-29-06 08:00 PM
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"Wet sumping / Blown crank seals"



Hello Gents, Been lurking here off and on for awhile. Ran some searches and learned a bit about wet sumping and its causes, and how it can lead to blown crank seals. However, my situation is a bit more severe, so I thought I'd post up and see what others have to say. I have a MkIII Commando that I spent several years restoring. Runs quite nicely now, but I don't get the opportunity to ride as much as I'd like, so it sometimes sits for several days or weeks between rides. Such is life, at least for now. At any rate, when the bike sits for extended periods the wet sumping becomes a problem and this invariably results in the crank seal getting blown out. Here's the rub - the first time this happened, I didn't notice right away and the seal spun in its crankcase housing and tore up the housing just a bit, enough so that the seal must now be held in with an adhesive. Wet sumping now results in adhesive failure, allowing the crank seal to be blown completely off its seat. I have no intention of tearing a fairly fresh rebuild apart to fix/replace the damaged seal housing. I intend to replace the seal again with some type of adhesive, maybe even JB Weld, and then put a shut off valve in the oil line to prevent wet sumping when the bike sits. At the same time, I'll install an oil pressure guage up by the tach/speedo area so I can visually verify that the valve is open and oil pressure is up and good. Which brings me to the question I'd like to pose: Does anyone know of a very strong, yet removable adhesive for the crank seal, other than JB Weld? I see the JB Weld as a one time deal. There's no getting that stuff out, so if the crank seal ever dies of natural causes I'm back to ripping the whole engine apart. If anyone knows of a more forgiving adhesive, I'd be interested to know. Thanks in advance for any assistance!!!


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