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JeffThu Sep-29-05 09:54 AM

"19" Commando rims"



Greetings, my Norton Commando rear rim turns out to be worse than I thought (spokes are rusted to the rim). Since my rear wheel cannot be "trued" looks like I get to lace up a new rim. So my question is, can I just use any 19" WM2 rim? Stovall mentioned "you have to get the Norton rim". What is the recommended replacement rim? Part#'s, vendors and advice is appreciated. Looks like another visit to Ace Powdercoat for the hub, too! thanks, Jeff -- see you at the lake of the pines rallye oct 7th, mine is the Commando with new paint, suspension, tires, freshly re-wired with solid state rectifier, ignition & taillight!


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SFGThu Sep-29-05 02:49 PM

#1. "RE: 19" Commando rims"
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You are better to use the correct rim for a norton hub. The spoke angles are the key feature and if you use one that is to far off, you may be risking spoke breakage during use. british cycle supply, I believe carrys them. I'm confident they are not hard to find thru other authorized norton dealers. I'm doing a borrani-dunstall dual disc front wheel right now for the first time and it is "fun". Actually it is a mediocre spoke design layout that needs 2 length spokes due to an engineering/math shortcoming. Yours should be much easier with 40 identical spokes except for a different bend of 95º/85º at the hub end. SFG


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JeffMon Oct-03-05 10:03 AM

#2. "RE: 19" Commando rims"
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So it looks like I will need to use Norton rims. Having decided to "go ahead" with this, I will do front and rear. I was hoping to use flanged alloy rims (with Buchannan polished stainless spokes)-- has anyone had any success with this? I would like to know how the Borriani's turn out. Norvil lists this rim: 069339 RIM - WM2 - ALLOY VALANCED (but the shipping cost is prohibitive) I did find these available in US, from Old Britts Rim, WM2x19, Drum F&R, Made in England, UK Chrome Rim, WM2x19, Front Disc, Made in England UK Chrome 2 questions: - Is there any "offset" (left or right from center) on a Norton rim - Any experience with Buchannan stainless spokes on Norton rim thanks!


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dynodaveTue Oct-04-05 06:32 PM
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#3. "RE: 19" Commando rims"
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Here is the dunstall dual disc I had to make new rotors, buy the 5/16 BSF socket head flat head screws from england. The spokes are Central Wheel Components as parts. finished


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JeffWed Oct-05-05 01:29 PM

#4. "RE: 19" Commando rims"
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Dave, that rim is gorgeous. I am thinking about doing a twin-disk upgrade on the combat when I get to the project (I digress), looking back I should have done it on this 72 as I have replaced the lower fork tubes anyway. wrt Norton single-disk front hub, yesterday I spoke with Fred Eaton (who has some text on this on his web page). Yes there is an offset on the Norton wheels. (I am reminded of my "other" Brit manual which politely stated "wheel building is best left to a Qualified...) I suspect I will end up just upgrading to sealed bearings in my hubs, powdercoating the rear hub & polishing the front, and sending it off to Buchannan's. Flanged alloy rims, polished stainless spokes. They do such excellent work, I can't compete. He also recommended going to WM3 with my 100/90 V19 Avon's cheers, Jeff


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andersjmWed Oct-05-05 06:09 PM

#5. "RE: 19" Commando rims"
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Dave, A man with TWO dial guages !! Im interested in knowing how true the rim itself was. I just finished a new back wheel for the Dommie and the joint on the rim was pretty rough. I got 90 % of the rim diameter true but the joint section was 2 mm at least out from manufacturing tolerances. Im also interested in your opinion on the offset question. My experience is that careful checking of alignement on either a Commando or a Featherbed (or any old bike)is disturbing. Urban legend has it that the Italian made Commando frames were bent from day one. It follows that unless you go through the exercise of checking and straightening the bare frame and then carefully measuring chain alignment and rim offset you might be doing more harm than good in setting up front offset as per the book. Many Commandos, including mine, drift to the left when hands off at low speed. I would do a measure up of the back end (after setting up the isolastics)and then select an offset that gave me good wheel alignment to the back wheel. (Unless the back is way out and needs re alingment anyway). I havnt seem anything written as to where the back wheel should sit and so have always set it up central to the frame. What do you think ? I have also read old production racing stories where Phil Read used to get the offsets changed to give him the best balanced and turning bike. Other points to watch is that with bigger rims and tyres you may have front wheel clearance problems if you set it up anywhere but in the middle of the fork legs. This is an issue with the narrow fork widths pre Commando. Regards John


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