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Balka RooFri Jul-09-10 12:14 AM
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" Veteran BSA expert needed !"


G'Day blokes, it's a very interesting site you have here. I just registered to see if anyone can suggest a BSA expert that I can contact to find out if an old veteran engine my brother bought may be something a bit different to what we originaly thought. The engine in question is a "TT" from the aproximatly 1913 period and Norm picked up this engine with some parts for the 1915 model K he is restoring but in the past it has been heavily modified by fitting a water jacket around the top section of the cylinder which we originaly thought some owner had done in the past but after looking at it more closely we arn't shure whether it may have been done by the factory or maybe some factory developement department. It is definatly a conversion but is quite well done, someone spent a lot of time doing it and we can't think of a reason why an "owner" would go to so much trouble. It has several sets of numbers on it and a chap we know who is fairly conversant with early BSAs cant work out some of the prefixs. The numbers are, The main number near the drive stamped into the crankcase - 35740 B making it late 1912 early 1913 (we think) and B for "belt drive" and then TT under that. On the other side of the engine it has near the cam box 141 and under that S TT R and we can't find anyone who knows the signifigance of the "S" and the "R" ! The barrel also has a number of B 56 stamped on the flange. Anyone know what the "S&R" mean or whether Bsa ever tryed to develope a water cooled engine ? This engine is in as new condition with almost no wear on anything and is not at all bashed up making us wonder exactly what its history may be. Its not unusual to turn up strange things over here in Western Australia because a lot of companys sent there unwanted ods and ends as far away from the home market as they could get and a lot of them ended up here, so before Norm does anything with this to "un modify" it he would like to make shure its not something of historical importance. My cammera is dead at the moment but I will post a photo of it after I round up another from somewhere. Graham, From Quairading, Western Australia


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