Norton Motorcycle Maintenance

Care and Maintenance of a Norton Motorcycle

Taking care of and maintaining a Norton Motorcycle is crucial for ensuring its longevity, performance, and reliability. Here are some key aspects of proper maintenance and care for this classic British motorcycle:

  1. Regular Oil Changes: Change the engine oil and filter every 1,500 to 2,000 miles or as recommended in the owner's manual. Use high-quality motorcycle-specific oil and a compatible filter. Don't forget to check the oil level regularly and top up if necessary.

  2. Valve Clearance: Check and adjust the valve clearance as per the manufacturer's recommended intervals. Proper valve clearance is essential for efficient engine performance and avoiding unnecessary wear on engine components.

  3. Ignition System: Inspect the points and ignition timing regularly. Replace the points and condenser when they show signs of wear or corrosion. Ensure the spark plugs are clean, properly gapped, and replaced when necessary.

  4. Carburetor: Clean and synchronize the carburetors as needed. Check for any signs of fuel leaks, and ensure that the idle and mixture settings are properly adjusted according to the manufacturer's specifications.

  5. Chain and Sprockets: Lubricate the drive chain every 300-500 miles and check for proper tension. Inspect the sprockets for wear and replace them along with the chain when needed.

  6. Brakes: Regularly inspect the brake pads or shoes for wear and replace them when necessary. Also, check the brake fluid levels and replace the fluid every 1-2 years or as specified by the manufacturer.

  7. Tires: Check tire pressure regularly and maintain the recommended levels. Inspect tires for signs of wear, damage, or cracking, and replace them when needed. Keep in mind that tires have a limited lifespan, even if the tread appears to be in good condition.

  8. Suspension: Inspect the forks and rear shocks for any leaks, damage, or signs of wear. Replace fork oil and seals as recommended in the owner's manual. Ensure that the rear suspension is properly adjusted for your weight and riding preferences.

  9. Electrical System: Check the battery for proper fluid levels, corrosion, and clean connections. Inspect wiring, switches, and connectors for wear or damage, and replace any faulty components.

  10. General Maintenance: Keep the motorcycle clean and protected from the elements, and regularly inspect the frame, fasteners, and cables for any signs of wear or damage. Periodically grease or lubricate bearings, pivots, and other moving parts as needed.

By following these maintenance and care tips, you can help ensure that your Norton Commando 750 remains a reliable and enjoyable classic motorcycle for years to come. Always refer to the owner's manual for specific maintenance intervals and procedures, and consult a professional mechanic if you're unsure about any aspect of your motorcycle's care.


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