Norton Racing

Norton Racing

The Norton Motorcycle has a rich history in motorcycle racing, beginning in the early 20th century and continuing throughout much of the brand's existence. The company has achieved numerous race victories and set records, particularly in the Isle of Man TT, one of the most prestigious motorcycle races in the world. Here is an overview of Norton's racing history and notable achievements:

  1. Early Racing Success (1907-1920s) Norton first entered the Isle of Man TT in 1907, and while they did not achieve immediate success, the experience provided valuable insights into motorcycle development. In 1909, Norton won their first Isle of Man TT race with rider Rem Fowler in the twin-cylinder class. This victory marked the beginning of Norton's racing legacy.

  2. The 1930s – A Golden Era Norton's racing success truly took off in the 1930s, as their machines consistently dominated the Isle of Man TT. The introduction of the "CamShaft One" (CS1) and "International" models contributed to their success. During this period, Norton won numerous Senior TT and Junior TT races with legendary riders such as Jimmie Guthrie and Stanley Woods.

  3. Post-War Success (1940s-1950s) After World War II, Norton continued to dominate in racing with models like the Manx, a single-cylinder racing motorcycle specifically designed for the purpose. The Norton Manx was exceptionally successful in the hands of riders like Geoff Duke, who won several Isle of Man TT races in the 1950s.

  4. The 1960s – Continued Racing Achievements In the 1960s, Norton maintained its strong presence in racing, particularly with the Manx. Riders like John Surtees and Mike Hailwood contributed to the company's success. The Norton Manx's final victory in the Isle of Man TT came in 1961, in the hands of Mike Hailwood.

  5. Decline and Revival (1970s-Present) The 1970s marked the beginning of a decline in Norton's racing success, coinciding with the company's financial troubles and increased competition from Japanese manufacturers. However, the Norton name has been associated with racing efforts in recent years, following the brand's revival by Stuart Garner. In 2009, Norton made a return to the Isle of Man TT with the new Norton NRV588, a rotary-powered race bike, though it did not achieve significant success.

In conclusion, Norton Motorcycles has a storied history in motorcycle racing, with numerous race victories and records. While the brand has experienced challenges and periods of decline, its racing legacy remains an important part of the Norton story and an inspiration for future endeavors.


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